I LOVE Carter.  She has been coming to me for portrait sessions ever since her newborn photography session a year ago!  Her personality has done more than blossom   It has exploded.  If I were a toddler I would want to be her best friend.  I love her giggle.  I love her smile and dimple.  I LOVE that she dances when I sing to her.  She is so full of joy.  Her parents are definitely doing something right!  She was dancing so much during her session it was hard to get images in focus.  When trying to select images from her session to edit I had the hardest time.  Not only did I find it impossible to only select 20 images, I also included some of those blurry ones as out takes, because even if they aren’t perfect they will be treasured.  Carter, as you grow continue to be full of joy and blessing to everyone you know!!!  Hugs from your photographer;-)

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