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I am just a lowly Kent newborn photographer.  But I’m about to get philosophical.  What makes a woman a woman?  The answer is her nature.  From the very beginning women are nurturers.  That does not mean that some are not.  And that some men are not.  It just means that as a whole, women have a market on the whole business of nurturing.  As a Kent newborn photographer I see proof time and time again with every sibling shot I do.  Brothers are curious, sisters are almost always little mothers.  Even at a tender age herself, Maisey’s big sister has already started mothering her baby sister.  This series of shots is one of my favorites EVER.  It is 100% natural.  I sat Maisey on the bed and put her big sister in her lap.  I asked her parents to let her be and do her thing.  Quietly I stepped back and brought the camera up to my face to record these tender moments between two sisters.  I about dies of cuteness overload when Ava started shushing Maisey when she started to fuss.   This is a woman (all be it she is tiny) doing her thing instinctively.  What makes a woman beautiful?  Love.  Love is what makes a woman radiate beauty.  And Ava is a beauty.  She loves her sister.  In those quiet moments as we watched her sitting there she stroked her baby sister’s toes, patted her head, smiled huge happy smiles and glowed with love.  This is what baby photography is all about.  It isn’t about dressing your baby up in a turtle outfit or as a character from a Disney movie.  It is about the bliss of newborn perfection.  Baby’s should be the stars of their own newborn portraits.  There could not be a more perfect newborn portrait in the world to this family (I hope) than these two sisters.  This is love.  This is nurture.  This is the beginnings of a very beautiful young woman.

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Kent Newborn Photographer

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