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Kent Newborn Phototgrpaher

He’s treasured by God.

The Lord has protected him.

God strengthens his son.

That is a clever little Haiku, written by yours truly based on the mean of this sweet baby’s name.  I love it when parents carefully select a baby’s name.  It’s OK not to too.  We chose our own kids first name based off of taste and sound.  But I think it makes a baby’s name extra special when parents have carefully pondered the decision and chosen a special meaning for their little one’s name.

Meet Zephaniah Ezekiel.  The cutest little bundle of chubby perfection.  Zephaniah’s mom chose me to be her Kent newborn photographer after seeing a display of beautiful portraits that I had up at her midwife’s office.  I immediately knew that this lucky mom had been to see Anne.   Ann has brought several of the baby’s that I have photographed into this world.  She has also helped many of my friends welcome new baby’s safely into their homes.  This woman must be one of the very most amazing people ever.  Every single mom that has worked with her raves about how absolutely wonderful she is.  Ann is the woman behind many, many, safe home births.  Ann’s service doesn’t just stop at delivering a baby safely.  She posts helpful information all the time on her Facebook page.  Even I follow her and my baby shop has been closed for several years.  What a wonderful blessing it is to have a woman that is 100% in your court their to help you preform a miracle.

I feel like little Zephaniah’s name extends to to love that that was there the day he was brought into the world.  As he made his way he had a father, a mother and a dedicated midwife there to treasure his arrival by making it as wholesome, natural and safe as possible.  He was carefully being watched over and protected.  And he was strengthen as well as his mommy for the journey her would make from womb to loving arms.  What a beautiful and sacred thing childbirth is.

“There is a power that comes to women as they give birth. They don’t ask for it, it simply invades them. Accumulates like clouds on the horizon and passes through, carrying a child with it.”

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