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Lacey Baby Photographer

Jackson is a third generation plane enthusiast.  His Grandpa, Uncle and Daddy are all pilots.  I think that is a pretty cool family tradition.  All though right now Jackson’s favorite thing to do with planes is to put them in his mouth, not fly them.  Lol, oh babies.  Everything goes in the mouth.  Jackson is a year old!  We had fun dressing up this handsome muffin and taking some great picture of him.  I am so excited to share them so that his Daddy, who is away for training, will get to see them.  Funny enough Jackson was not a fan of cake.  Isn’t that so ironic.  Everything went in the mouth except the food.  He was a little bit interested in the sprinkles, but the candle was in his mouth more than his cake.  I just think that is so funny.  Here he had homemade, yummy cupcakes and he would rather chomp on a wax candle.  I love that I got to see Jackson again for a cake smash photo shoot.  He was such a super cute newborn for his newborn portraits.  Now all I need to do is talk his mommy into a baby sister or brother for this little guy next year;-)

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