Lacey Maternity Photographer ~ Expectations and the Best Fit

I am going to get a little religious here, so bare with me.  Without fail around the Christmas season my thoughts turn to Mary, mother of Christ.  I think of her like this beautiful mother to be.  I picture her to be absolutely beautiful, like Rachel here.  Heavy with child and heavy with the weight of expectations.  I think that burden of expectations is something that we as mothers all share.  No matter what era we bring children into the world, what country we labor in, or what our circumstances might be, we all as a collective pause to think about the expectations placed upon us.  It is part of womanhood and most certainly a right of passage.  We hold our swollen bellies and think about the future and our roles in the future of the babies growing within.

I wish I could have my clients, like Rachel, write down their thoughts.  To be let into their deep ponderings for just a moment would be so intriguing.  And what about Mary.  What thoughts troubled and entertained her mind?  Did she grasp the meaning of the life about to be born?  Was there any trepidation?  Did the mother of Christ dream of the simple moments that we all look forward to; holding a warm baby in her arms, chubby hands holding hers’, singing songs, wiping away tears, laughter filling her home or maybe tender kisses on her cheek.  Of all the women in the world before and yet to come, God chose her.  I wonder what made her the best mother?

Sometimes I like to fantasize that like Christ being predestined to be Mary’s son, my children were meant to be mine and likewise Rachel’s little girl was meant to be hers’.  I like to think that I was the best mother for my brood.  We each have lying within us something special that makes us the best fit.  Maybe…

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