Lacey Newborn Photographer ~ Beauty

Being a newborn photographer has its perks.  I get to meet wonderful families.  Every week I get my baby fix as parents from all around me: Seattle, Auburn, Bonney Lake, Tacoma, Gig Harbor and occasionally even Lacey bring me their precious babies.  My happy meter is filled every day as I set down to work at my computer and I am greeted by beautiful squishy newborns.  And more than all of that I get to give a priceless gift to parents.  It is a good gig.  I am so thankful and feel very blessed.  It helps that I swear I have the very best clients in the whole world.

As I photographed baby Kayleigh, I learned from listening to her parents plans for her Christening, that she is a very loved little lady.  She has a big family.  Thank goodness her parents will have a huge support network.  Her daddy is going to need each and every single one of those people to help him look out for his little girl.  She is such a beauty.  I was telling my sister this afternoon that I was working on a “snow white” baby.  She is literally that beautiful.  She made me facetime with her to see what I was talking about.  She agrees.  And so will every boy in this little girl’s future.  Porcelain skin, dark thick hair and red little lips all come together to make her the living reincarnation of a beloved Disney princess.  She should put her job application in now.

Now all that is left of the making of a perfectly beautiful little girl is for her Mom and Dad to teach her to be kind, generous and virtuous.  And I have no doubt that they are up to the task.  They are wonderful.

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