Lake Tapps Baby Photographer ~ Ben’s Birthday Portraits

If ever there was a mother meant to have a house full of children it is Meghann.  I have been her Lake Tapps baby photographer throughout the first year of her two babies.  She wins the most frequent visitor to my studio award.  I feel like over the last few years as she has come to see me for maternity portraits, newborn pictures and photo sessions to document her baby’s first year, that I have gotten to know her.  Seeing her on my shooting schedule always makes me happy.  We have so much in common and if she lived closer, and if I had little people the same ages as her children, I know we would be good friends.  Seeing her with her babies is food for the soul.  She is so patient, so tender, so absolutely in love with them.  Meghann is the quintessential mommy.  I wish everyone could have a mother just like her.

As Ben’s Lake Tapps baby photographer, it was my job to capture his little one year old personality.  He was full of smiles, until we brought out the cake.  I think everyone has the conception that all babies love their first cake.  You see the images from cake smash sessions and assume it was all rainbows and unicorns, lol.  But the truth is that most babies are not really all that excited about being in a photo shoot with a messy cake.  It is super sweet, sticky and 100% foreign to them.  The good news is that they are still curious.  And even if they don’t go face first into their cake, there are still great portraits to be taken as they investigate the sticky mess sitting in front of them.

I am really going to miss seeing this lovely family.  All in favor of baby #3 in the future say AYE!


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Lake Tapps Baby Photography

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