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Lakewood baby photographer

Isn’t it wonderful to have little people in your life?  I know it is hard work.  Really, it is VERY hard work!  But when you are holding them close to you a realization hits you.  Before them you were lonely.  You might not have felt lonely.  But that is the only way to describe the opposite of the fullness you feel now.  As you watch your little person grow, and play and learn to express his love for you you are full to exploding of love.  I just went to Seattle to see the musical Matilda with my daughter.  One of the characters when describing Matilda and her genius describes how she must have so many brains that the extras are going to begin squeezing out of her ears.  That is how it works as a mother but with matters of the heart.  Your heart is so full you feel it must so be about to break its rib cage bounds and pour out all over.  The most miraculous thing happens though.  It doesn’t.  Your heart stays right where it is.  But it invisibly grows as year after year you love that little person more and more.  How is that possible, you will think?  And then when they are phasing through a tough patch you will have just enough of that special bread of love, unconditional love, to see you through.  If you are lucky, someday when listing their BFFs you will make the list.  Let me tell you how that feels.  Absolutely like wining the lottery.  Because your little person has grown, they are an amazing human being, and you can not believe that you are their mother.  And to be their friend….well that is just the very best!

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