Lakewood Baby Photographer ~ Sacrifices

I had the privilege of being the photographer for an extra special little lady last week who came to see me from Lakewood for her photography session.  She just turned one and we got to have some fun doing a cake smash!  Her Dad and I had so much fun watching her tentatively smash her cake.  But her mother wasn’t there.  Her mother, was thousands of miles away in a far off country serving me, you and our wonderful country.  Her mommy is a soldier.

I can not even imagine making the sacrifices she is making.  Can you even wrap your head around the idea of leaving your baby behind for a year to risk your life serving in a hot, sandy, hostile world.  I can not!!!  She is strong, brave and even so far removed from her princess, she is the best mom!

Joyce planned everything, down to the T.  Outfits, hair accessories, cake and toys were all carefully arranged for.  I was amazed at the thought and effort she put into a photo shoot that she wouldn’t even be attending.

What it shows is that moms are moms no matter where they are!  We are always thinking and caring for our babies!

Thank you Joyce, for your sacrifice, for making my country safe and serving so that my freedoms remain free!

Lots of praise to her Daddy too who is making it all stay together at home;-)

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