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Lakewood Baby Photographer

When you are a baby your world is as simple as two things.  Happiness and sadness.  Sadness when you are hungry, messy, left alone, have to go to bed, mommy won’t pick you up and the list can go on and on.  Happiness for everything else.  A leaf, a ladybug, ice cream, going for a walk, snails, kitty cats, frosting and cheerios, mom and dad and silly sounds.  There are just so many, many things.  As a Lakewood baby photographer it is my job to try to find what makes each and every one of my little clients happy so that I can catch on camera their perfect little one year old smile.  Most the time I have to coax it out expertly.  Because as a Lakewood baby photographer my studio is filled with big, strange and different things and let’s just face it, that puts a baby more on the less happy side of life.  Some babies are just tough eggs to crack and the elusive smile never appears.  But not Tova.  I felt like she was living the advice of Little Orphan Annie, “you are never fully dressed without a smile!”  Tova smiled from ear to ear throughout her whole milestone portrait session.  All it took was smiling back at her.  I loved it.  What a happy little peanut.  I’m so excited to have been a part of celebrating and recording her first birthday!

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