Lakewood Maternity Photographer ~ Form and Beauty

Heather came from Lakewood for her Maternity session.  I love that I get to meet clients from all over Western Washington who come to see me for maternity and newborn photography.   One of the the time periods I would visit in a heart beat if I had a time machine would be the Renaissance.  I grew up in Italy witnessing the transformation in the arts that stemmed from those amazing years.  I don’t think it is a mistake that at the same time that the arts were advancing medicine was also experiencing a boom.  As men studied the human body and began to accomplish miracles in the medical field, artists were becoming more talented with truly representing the human form.   It is astounding that art went from a boom in the 1300 with artist like Giotto (who revolutionized art himself as he began to really paint well the human form) to the works of the master Michelangelo.  All of these great men were fascinated with the form of womanhood.  I fall more and more in love with the art of maternity portraiture.  There is so much to love artistically about the form of a pregnant woman.  The play of light and shadow as they move across beautiful curves.   I want to study more about art!

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