Life’s Greatest Miracle {Newborn Photographer Seattle, Tacoma, Puyallup}

What is the most amazing thing you have ever seen?  Was it something big or something small?  Was it something old or something new?  For me it happened four times.  Each and every time I bore a child and held them close to my heart fresh to this world I knew I was holding a miracle.  A little creation so amazing.  Now each and every time a tiny baby comes to my studio, parents and I watch in awe as we go about celebrating the miracle of new life.  We marvel at perfectly formed tiny fingers and toes.  The miniature lashes that line each little eye.  A babies soft fuzzy shoulder and velvety soft head.  Everything about a newborn is nothing short of a great miracle.

Skye in all of her tender tininess is a miracle.  When you look at a baby and ponder their journey thus far you stand amazed.  This precious little daughter that rested on my bean bag cooing as I soothed her to sleep, was  once but a bundle of insignificant cells.  Do you ever hold your child close and consider how astonishing it is that from nothing a little person has developed?  Her heart beats, her chest rises and falls with the intake of breath and she knows you and looks at you and sooner than later will be walking and talking.  As Skye went home with her parents I was left thinking about how it is with your first baby.  It is special.  Every new baby to the family definitely brings that same feeling to your home, but the first is poignant.  I wonder, did they go home and sit with her on the couch and careless those tiny fingers, stroke that precious nose and ponder that they held in their arms Life’s Greatest Miracle?

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