Little Gentleman

So this might sound really cheesy…

I have been reading a book about influential people through out the span of time.  Last night I was reading about Mencius, a sage of China.

“The Chinese had an inventory of virtues.  These included, among others, courage, propriety, courtesy and respect, doing one’s best, righteousness, honest speaking, public service, and the cultivation of one’s mind through literary and artistic pursuits.  One who had achieved these qualities was called, in the closest English translation, a “gentleman”.  Nobility had nothing to do with birth; it was acquired through education and unselfish service.  Nobility was all a matter of character,” -S. Michael Wilcox.

I love this idea.  I think when you are a mother of a son raising your boy to be a “gentleman” in every since of the Chinese notion is at the forefront of your mind.  Little Garrett here definitely looks the part, I know his mom will teach him to act the part.  There is no greater success.

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