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When you are 8 months pregnant there is no better treat in the whole world than be able to feel gorgeous.  In those final weeks of anticipation, waiting for your little one to arrive, every muscle aches, every bone is weary.  I can just rem

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Redmond Maternity Photographer

ember those days when there was absolutely no single way to get comfort.  And worse yet you can get in the doldrums.  When your body hurts, and you are so swollen it hurts to stand there is no better time to do something that makes you feel like a thousands bucks.  Maternity sessions are all about just that.  In just an hour I can make a woman remember she is a beautiful goddess.  It is such a treat.  And there is no better keepsake that compliments a newborn portrait than a portrait of your beautiful mother anxious for your arrival.  What a treasure it is to see the happiness and joy that you brought to your mother as she waited to hold you.

If you are expecting a new baby please consider adding a maternity mini to your newborn session.  Sessions are easy to fit around work schedules.  Treat yourself to a special day of pampering.  Go the extra mile and have your hair, nails and makeup done.  Soon all of your days will be about your new little person.  Save one day for you.

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