Max you are beautiful.  I know when you get older you will prefer to be called handsome.  But seriously, you are one of the most beautiful babies I have ever seen.  If I were an agent you would be hired.  You desire to be on centerfolds in Pottery Barn Magazine.  (you know you’re cute if I think you should model for PB…I want to buy everything in their catalogs!)  This tiny little guy had perfectly flawless porcelain skin.  And look at his hair.  He puts most babies to shame.  Max and his family walked into my studio and I can only imagine the smile on my face as I started thinking about all the possibilities.  Max was going to be my super model!  I was so excited to see the results of this shoot that instead of the normal delay between shooting and editing, I couldn’t resist starting work on his images that very evening.  I look forward to seeing this little guy grow up and hopefully taking some more “baby stages” portraits along the way.

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