Monkeying Around {Baby Photographer Seattle Tacoma Puyallup}

I knew I might be in for some trouble when Logan’s mom called to book a baby portrait session with me.  I have bean following all of Login’s comings and goings on facebook since becoming his newborn photographer 8 months ago.  He is a mover and a shaker.  Always busy and full of curiosity.  Just like a little monkey.  So when styling his session I created a brand new set just for him.  I can’t lie he wore me out.  It made me laugh though when his Mom told me that Grandma was a little nervous about whether or not I would be able to get in a good shot or two.  Well Grandma, I totally understand, Logan is an explorer with a capital “E”.  But I am so glad that his mom had faith in me.  I love baby sessions, especially when they are previous newborn clients.  It is so fun to watch them grow and to have the privilege to continue documenting their little lives!

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