Mr. Smiles A Lot {Baby Photographer Seattle Tacoma Puyallup}

Cole came to his baby photography session smiling up a storm.  His Mom attributed it to the fact that he had just had a good nap in the car (thanks to fair traffic).  My daughter attributes it to the fact that I am awesome (bless her little heart).  I attribute it to the fact that well, Cole is a happy little kiddo.  It might have just a little bit to do with the fact that he loves music too.  I love this portrait because it shows off that beautiful million dollar grin.  We soon discovered during Cole’s session that a little bit of music and dance went a lot way to for this happy sole.  I wish I remembered during my session that I can switch to taking a bit of video.  There are so many times that I really regret forgetting.  Cole’s session was one of these.  He was making me smile and crack up as he shook his little body trying to get his groove on.  He is precious.  I am so excited to share pictures from his cake smash with you, but on Mommies orders we have to wait until after his birthday.  So stay tuned for more of the happiest kid on earth;-)


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