hanging baby tree branch Newborn photography is all about capturing a baby’s innocence.  This is one of my favorite poses to do just that.  We grow up with the images of storks delivering precious bundles of joy to expecting mothers.  I have scenes from Dumbo burned into my memory.  There is something nostalgic about images like these.  You see sweet baby Jack snuggled into his little sling and your arms want to reach out and cradle him.  If you are like me and adore babies, you see this and your heart jumps out of your chest.  I told Jack’s parents that he was too perfect to fuss over with a camera.  All I wanted to do was hold him.  Whoever said you can spoil a newborn with too many snuggles clearly left their heart on a park bench somewhere during their commute in life.  Jack you are the very best special delivery ever received by your parents.  (I bet your mommy wishes you had been brought by the stork though, lol)

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