One In A Million {Newborn Photography Seattle Tacoma Puyallup}

As a newborn photographer I get asked all the time why I only take pictures of sleeping babies.   My answer is that babies just look better that way and I want you to go home with timeless portraits that you will LOVE.  It literally took me about 40 images to get just this one.  Getting a newborn to look at you without crossing their eyes or putting their hands in front of their face is a one in a million chance.  To get this one image as I waited for Sofia to fall asleep I took almost 40 shots, hoping to get one where all the stars aligned.  But when it works, it is magic, don’t you think?  She looks so beautiful here.  I love the depth in her eyes.  What could she be thinking?  I love how the fragile lacy wrap echos the fragility of her little body.  And her sweet little hands tucked up right under her chin are too adorable!  I am super excited to show you even more of this beautiful princess.  So tune in on facebook;-)

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