One Of A Kind

They may be twins but they are one of a kind.  Emma and Claire came back to see me for a baby photography session last week.  I can ‘t believe it has been a year since their newborn session!  I remember when photographing them as tiny babies that they already had very different personalities.  And that is still true today.  As I have been editing their session I have thought back to how BADLY I wished I were a twin when growing up.  I think it was just part of the 80’s, but still true today.  Twins are cool and you always wish for what you don’t have and what you are not.  (Still waiting to grow a little taller)

Back then I thought that if I had a twin I would have a partner in crime.  More than that she would be someone just like me.  We would want to do the same things, play the same games and love the same toys.  My twin would always agree, have my back and take my side in every argument.  I guess I was picturing life with a twin being like having a duplicate of myself.  That would be awesome.  I would have a sibling I would never fight with, a constant companion and playmate!  But as an adult I know I couldn’t have been more wrong and these little ladies illustrate that.

They are so different.  One snugly the other giggly.  One content to slowly investigate, the other on a mission to explore and conquer.  One tall and lean the other squishalishish.  And even though they are each their own individual person they are still the same in many ways.  For starters they have parents that love them!  A mother with twins has to become a purely selfless woman.  I was EXHAUSTED after a short time with these two ladies in the studio.  Imagine every day, giving 100% of yourself to the care of two babies!  Their mother should be sainted!!!

Stay tuned tomorrow for some more images from their session on my facebook page;-)

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