One Year Older And Wiser Too {Baby Photographer Seattle Tacoma Puyallup}

Anna came to see me a year ago for newborn portraits.  Look how big she is now.  It was so fun to get to be her photographer again.  She is one of the very sweetest babies.  I told her mom that if I could guarantee that I would have a baby as sweet and tender as Anna I would be tempted to have another baby!  But since I can’t get a guarantee I will have to get all my cuddles and sweet baby smiles in as her photographer.

Anna’s mom and I were talking about the amazing growth that has occurred in Anna’s first year.  Can you believe that the majority of learning in our long lives takes place during our first two years?  What a massive responsibility mothers and fathers have!  Hopefully one of the things every child learns, as Anna has learned already in her short little life, is that her family absolutely, unconditional loves her wholeheartedly.  That is the most important thing.  With a knowledge that you are loved in this world and have a safe place to be…everything else is possible.

Just for fun, here is a peak back at Anna as a newborn;-)

Happy birthday darling girl!

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