Back From France l From Your Newborn Photographer

Dear Families,

First let me say that all of my clients who have been waiting for portraits, you are so very patient and kind.  I know how hard it is to wait when you are so eagerly anticipating portraits!!!  This week on top of my 10 loads of laundry, two weeks worth of shopping at the grocery store, homework projects that have piled up and lots of other “Mommy” chores (two weeks was a long time to leave my family), I promise to finish each and every one of your sessions.  I went to France with your pictures and came home empty handed.  I went thinking, “oh, I will have time to work on these clients portraits while lounging in the gardens of my hotel.”  I came back so utterly exhausted from not having a single spare moment.  National Geographic worked me to the bone.  I was up at 6:30 every morning for breakfast.  Then we were in the classroom at 8:30 sharp.  Some days we had a break for lunch but most days it was straight off to as assignment in the countryside or a local village.  We were lucky if we made it back to our hotel by 11:00 and then I had at least an hours worth of work choosing and processing images for review the next morning.  So, sorry if you have been checking the blog everyday in hopes of seeing a sneak peek!  There just wasn’t a spare moment.

So how was the workshop???  Well, funny thing.  I realized after a few days of taking pictures of architecture, produce and flowers…that people are my true love.  I found myself slipping into the dulldroms everytime we had an assignment.  Finally I said to myself, “Jennifer, people are what you love.  You came hear to become a better photographer not a new type of photographer.  So though you will never get a job with Geographic, you can stick to people!”  So for the rest of the week I stayed true to myself.  Interestingly enough, I was drawn to children everytime.  I think The French children of Provence think they have made it bigtime!  I took so many portraits of beutiful French children it made me start to miss my own children all the more.  I went to France a Newborn / Children’s photograper and came back the same but a little better.  Apparently the “Mother” in me is just as strong as the “photographer”.

Unfortunately it is against French law to use pictures of French citizens with out consent.  Even editorial photographs have to be treated that way.  So no pictures of all those beautiful pictures on my blog since it is a business blog.  I simply couldn’t get model relases for all the people I photographed.  I hope you enjoy the grapes.  They are in no may as beautiful or full of life as the children and families I photographed, but they were REALLY yummy!

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Fall Is Here!

I love Fall!  I love honey crisp apples and caramel!  I love apple squeeze celebrations.  All the trees with their leaves in warm riches reds, oranges and golds make driving to run errands something to look forward to.  I love the holidays.  I love starting the fire in the fireplace and sipping on hot chocolate.  I love the new found focus on family.  Fall is the perfect time to have a baby.  The word is beautiful, everyone is full of good cheer and having a new bundled tiny heater to warm your shoulder makes for perfect memories!  So to all of you Mommies out there having babies this Fall…congratulations!

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Summer Vacation l From Your Newborn Photographer

I’m on ferie!  When growing up in Italy we had to learn to prepare for and work around all of our favorite businesses and restaurants taking a “ferie”.  Shops closed down to make time for family vacation.  So that is what I’m doing. The next month will be packed with road trips, hikes, adventures with friends, yard projects and just having some family time together.  See you again in September when school is back in session!  And for all of you, a happy summer holiday too, full of happy memories like my six year old Kate is making here…

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Mason l Newborn Photography

This is my FAVORITE shoot ever!  What a fabulous day!  Little Mason slept peacefully the whole time.  Not a peep, and I was able to get some really beautiful portraits!  I downloaded my memory card right away I was so sure I had gotten some great images!  Before I realized it, I was starting in on the processing.  I still go back and look at this shots often.  I don’t know how to pick a favorite.  I want to put up a whole slideshow!  I was so excited to deliver these portraits to my client.  It’s days like this that make being a photographer a piece of cake.  Everything just worked together perfectly.

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