Printing l From Your Newborn Photographer

WHERE TO PRINT? is the ONLY place I recommend.  They have an extensive product line, fast shipping, and because they are the sister company to my own pro photo lab, their quality is consistently outstanding.  Their prices are competitive, too!  I’m not affiliated with Mpix in any way–I’ve simply been printing pictures for several years and have preformed tests to find the BEST.  I know what to look for, and it’s very important to me that the images I’ve created look stunning on your walls!

I feel it is very risky to try just any lab.  For example, as a test, I ordered the same 8 x 10 print from Costco, Walmart and Mpix.  Mpix had the best paper, print and color quality BY FAR.  Of course, these are photos of photos but you can see the color differences.

Mpix – color and brightness match my calibrated monitor and is very consistent.  Paper is pure matte.  Mpix prints on thick Kodak Endura paper.  It is professional paper that guarantees that your portraits will look as good as the day your brought them home years down the road.

Walmart – Their paper is thin and even though I ordered matte paper it is almost glossy and shows fingerprints easily, it isn’t archival quality either.  The photo is over saturated and the color is way off very warm and magenta.  I am very unhappy to see deep shadows around the babies face that were not in my original.  There is a blemish on the far left side.  The crazy thing is that it cost me &17.94 to print 5 8×10 pictures.  Mpix was a dollar less!

Costco – Costco’s paper is the thinnest.  It will warp easily.  I was very surprised to see that the photo is very cool.  The baby has lost all of the warmth to her beautiful skin and looks sickly.  The rest of the picture seems desaturated and so grey.  It is lifeless almost.  Also there is a strange smudge in the upper right hand corner.


AS ALWAYS, DO NOT let labs auto-correct your prints!!! When printed, your images may not match what you see on your computer screen if your monitor is not professionally calibrated.  What matters is that your pictures look good in print.  I can understand the appeal of manipulating your images, but I strongly recommend against it as it could greatly affect the final print quality.  Before ordering and extremely large print or expensive item (canvas) I always advise you to order a 5 x7 print first from the lab as a test.  I am not responsible for printing errors or for the quality of your prints / products not printed directly by me.

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Katie Fulton - December 18, 2010 - 3:40 pm

I need to do this…Im not even going to say anything about Walmart since the prints from them are obviously terrible…but costco…it makes those poor sweet babies look dead! I am stealing your idea for my blog…I hate when customers talk about printing at walmart!

Sara Wilihelm - November 16, 2010 - 10:31 am

I LOVE using MPix. They were completely easy to use and their pictures always turned out so well! What a great post about the differences between different companies. Thanks for all of the great info!

Rachel - November 15, 2010 - 7:36 pm

WOW!! I never realized. Thanks for the comparison. I’m excited to try that company!!

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