I love the whole idea behind this portrait.  When Grace came to see me for her maternity portrait session I knew that I would want to create something like this when she returned for her newborn photographer session.  Two things made me think about posing her this way.  First she has such stunning hair.  Honestly who wouldn’t want to use those gorgeous locks to the best of their advantage in a portrait.  I could have posed baby Micah all day long with his beautiful momma.  Second and more importantly I could tell from meeting Grace that first time that she is a good mom.  She was so patient.  Micah’s big brother wasn’t all that excited about letting his mom have a turn in front of the camera and he huddle by her feet as we tried to work.  But not once did she lose her cool, expend her patience or show any signs of frustration.  That is a wonderful mommy.  I wanted to give her a portrait with her second son that embodied that trait.  She is a protector.  Not just the kind of protector that keeps their child safe from running out in the street.  The kind of protector that safe guards feelings, the essence of childhood, relationships and the bond of love.  With her hands delicately keeping Micah cuddled close and her soft smiling face snuggling his, he will know that he is loved, cherished and safe.

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