Purpose {Maternity Photographer Seattle Tacoma Puyallup}

I had a friend who’s husband would come home from work and ask her everyday what she had done.  While pregnant she was very sick and she went from having very product days to days where she would spend most of her time nauseous on the couch.  It was hard for her to feel idol and her husband’s queries as he walked in the door began to irritate her.  So one day as he asked that same old question she responded like this, “I am making a person, what did you do”?  Now I might appreciate this more than you because of my great love for this spunky friend.  But when she related the exchange to me I wanted to roll on the floor with laughter.  What an excellent come back.  Because no matter what her husband did all day she was doing something that even the smartest minds put together in the world could not do.  She was creating life.

Kortney I absolutely love this portrait of you.  It is one of my favorites ever.  When my daughters are expecting their first babies I hope they glow with beauty like you do.  I have to warn you that this will probably end up on my studio walls!  Something about your smile and the sweet way you are holding your baby bump gives me goosies!  If you ever wonder on those days when the weight of pregnancy seems to bring you down if you are accomplishing anything at all.  Just remember, you are a Goddess, beautiful and strong, and you are making a person!

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