Puyallup Baby Photographer ~

It is hard to pick a favorite age.  As a parent and a photographer I would have to say the 6 months -1 1/2 years is my favorite.  I know that is a big range.  But it all starts here, with a sitting baby full of personality.  Jaxon has gotten bigger and now smiles a lot, but he stills has those same long lashes and big beautiful eyes!  My favorite set, bar none, is this simple white set.  I love that it is all about Jaxon here.  Without any extras to occupy the efforts of our eyes we are drawn to his tummy squish, his big blue eyes, his chubby toes and that perfect blond cowlick right in the middle of his hairline.  It screams BABY to me.  I had so many favorites from this set I had a super hard time choosing the very best!

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