Puyallup Baby Photographer ~ Good Sport

I have the best babies that come to see me.  I love being a baby photographer.  Koben has grown so much since his newborn session.  His still has that perfect creamy skin he sported at just a few days old!  He is such a little butter ball.  I swear parents could drop their babies off for the day so I could play and snuggle and get some portraits too!  I really wanted to just sit and snuggle this handsome fellow!  He was so curious, eyes wide open following my every move.  And what a flirt.  Every time a talked to him he smiled, dimples and all.  He stole my heart.  I am so excited for him and his family.  They will be traveling to Puerto Rico soon to show off their newest addition to their family.  I told his mommy to keep an eye out.  So twitterpated auntie just might try to steal him!  I know I would!

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