Puyallup Baby Photographer, Grandpa’s Boy

As a baby photographer I love it when clients bring in family heirlooms.  I love that parents want to incorporate the past with their present.  It is a really neat opportunity to put into a photograph things being passed down from one generation to another.  I love when Grandparents get to play a big role in the rearing of their Grandchildren.  Grandpa isn’t just passing down this amazing pedal car to his little Grandson(maybe someday;-).  He is giving him so much more.  He will teach him how to be a man, how to treat his future wife, how to fish, how to show dignity, how to be gentleman, how to be tough.  There are things that Grandparents can teach that parents just can’t do as well.  When I look at this portrait of little Gavin, I know that his Grandpa will always be in his heart and always be there for him as he grows.  I just love families that have such strong ties;-)

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