Puyallup Baby Photographer ~ Harper’s Birthday

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Sometimes you have to think outside the box as a Puyallup baby photographer.  Traditionally birthdays are celebrated with a cake.  Typically at baby milestone portrait sessions we are handing baby a cake to destroy at their pleasure.  But when you have an adorable baby girl who is allergic to all sorts of things, bless her heart…you improvise.  Every baby deserves a smash session to celebrate their birthday milestone.  And when cake won’t do strawberries seem like the next best thing.  I asked Harper’s mommy what kind of foods Harper could eat that she loved and strawberries was the answer.  This may or may not be the very first strawberry smash.  When her mommy said she liked strawberries she wasn’t kidding either.  Harper LOVED them.  I purposefully looked for the biggest, reddest strawberries I could find at the store.  I assumed Harper would take bites.  But no, this little lady was stuffing the whole gigantic berry into her mouth.  We had to slice them and watch her closely she was so over the moon with her berries.  I can only imagine the disaster of frosting she would have created with a cake, lol.  These pictures just could not make me any happier.  Her halo of golden curls, those huge blue eyes and those delicious strawberries.  YUMM!

On a side note, this portrait session made me think of one of my favorite children’s books.  It is great as a read aloud!  Check it out.  The Little Mouse, The Red-Ripe Strawberry and the Big Hungry Bear


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