Puyallup Baby Photographer – Miracle

I was so excited to be Jaxon’s baby photographer.  I was able to capture his big sister as a newborn (ish) and now him!  He is a little miracle boy as he joined his family through the gift of adoption.  Adoption is such a beautiful thing.  I love how it blesses the lives of three groups of people.  For the birth mother, it allows her to start fresh, to have a clean slate and not be held down by the weight and burden of a child she can not provide for.  For the child it gives him not only LIFE but a capable family to raise, love and care for him.  And then for a family that aches for a baby of their own he is balm to their souls.  Successful adoption takes two GREAT, STRONG, LOVING women.  Jaxon welcome to your new family!!!!

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