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As a Puyallup baby photograph I get to meet lots of babies.  Often times I wonder about their futures.  When I am an old lady sitting in a rocking chair glued to my television I hope to see some of them someday making a difference in the world.  Maybe one of my newborn portraits will be used to show a then and now.  Wouldn’t that be funny.  I can just imagine.  “Announcing that Jayden Su has just won the presidential election.  And here he is a little baby…”  Maybe the images I take will play during wedding slideshows.  Maybe they will appear in yearbooks.  It just makes me so happy that I get to capture a baby’s first year and milestones for their families.  I have taken lots of baby pictures for the Su family over the last few years.  They are a wonderful part of my photography family.  Jayden is so full of smiles and has such a melow, sweet disposition I am sure that he is going to have a wonderful future because he will make friends easily.  I always hope that I will be able to stay in touch with families as time goes by.  Who knows maybe one day I will be checking out at Safeway and the handsome teenage boy helping me bag my groceries will have a nametag saying Jayden Su, and I will be able to smile at him and say…”hey, I took your baby pictures.”  That would make my day.  For now though it makes me happy enough to share his baby portraits with you.

Capturing first year milestones, Puyallup baby photographer

Puyallup Baby Photographer

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