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Puyallup Baby Photographer

You look at her with wonder.  How in the world in one short year has she changes from a tiny, helpless newborn to a spunky, full of energy toddler.  It is a wonder and a miracle.  There is so much change during the first year and you want to remember it all!  Like that moment you set a perfectly beautiful cake that you made down in front of her and she smiled so big you couldn’t help but smile too.  And then you laugh because she was more interested in pushing the cake stand around the room then actually eating any cake.  Cake smash sessions are full of fun.  Those big beautiful eyes make you swoon.  You will be so happy you hired a Puyallup Baby Photographer to capture them perfectly for you.  These moments will never be forgotten.  Even when your memory is full of cobwebs you can look at these beautiful portraits of your birthday girl and remember, forever…how much you loved her and all her silly sas.

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