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It is so neat to watch a mother that you admire and believe in take the whole motherhood gig and kick it up a notch.  I have been Meghann’s Puyallup baby photographer for several years now.  I can remember when she brought me her first baby.  A perfect little girl with yummy roles and the most transparent blond hair, she might has well have been an angel.  And then her little son, full of cheesy smiles.  When she told me she was expecting twins I knew she was the perfect mommy for the job.  She jumped right in, ready to conquer something new.  I would have been so overwhelmed.  I still remember her post on social media about her first outing with 4 kids in tow.  She knows how to go beast mode with parenthood, that is for sure.  As I was preparing the sneak peek from Owen and Emily’s session I wondered what twin moms consider the greatest blessings of having twins.  I got lost down a rabbit whole reading all sorts of posts, memoirs and advice columns for moms of multiples. One thing is for sure.  The support group for mom’s with multiples is strong.  What a wonderful community.  Here are some of my favorite things that moms like shared.  I wonder if Meghann feels the same.

  1. After you get over the twinshock it really is true that you get double the love and joy although you may have to wait a while to really feel the benefit.
  2. Having twins brings lots of attention! (don’t know if that is a plus or minus, lets say a plus on most days hopefully)
  3. Parenting happens in stages and many moms found it much easier to manage two infants or two toddlers than having to try and juggle the needs of a baby and a pre-schooler. These phases of parenthood are experienced more intensely sometimes because they are simultaneous.
  4. It’s always exciting to see your child meet a milestone. But when two or more multiples accomplish their goals simultaneously. it’s a wonderful experience for a family.
  5. It’s such fun to hear them share jokes. call each other by nicknames and role play their special scenarios. What a sweet sound those giggles are and its so lovely to hear them laugh or sing together, not at each other, but with each other.
  6. It’s fascinating to be an observer of twins. With so many similarities. but such stark differences. it’s always interesting to see how they develop as individuals.
  7. There is a little thrill of pride in being a mum of twins. It’s like being a part of an elite club. You feel an instant bond with other parents of multiples. I love the reaction I get when I tell people I have twins. “Wow!” “I always wanted twins…” “I don’t know how you do it…” It’s almost like we enjoy an exclusive status in the parenting world. earning a slight nod of respect for pulling double duty.
  8. Twins share everything — their birthday. their parents’ attention. and many of their belongings. Although they may get frustrated with their situation. as a parent. it’s very gratifying to witness their “what’s mine is yours” attitude in a moment of unselfish benevolence.
  9. The twin bond is more enduring than any other relationship on earth.  Starting even before birth and often outlasting many friendships and even marriages. Despite their squabbles, it’s comforting to know that they will (hopefully) enjoy their unique relationship for all of their lives.
  10. There is a confidence that twins exhibit simply because they have always had each other to rely on. I love to watch them enter new unfamiliar situations with confidence because they are together. – Twins UK

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