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As a Puyallup baby photographer I take newborn portraits and pictures of Baby’s first year milestones.  I recommend that all of my clients come back to see me when their baby is sitting and at their birthday for portraits.  Newborn, sitting and birthday are the best milestones for baby photography.  With these three stages you get a a great look at your infant’s first year without breaking the bank by having to hire a Puyallup baby photographer every month, 2 months or 3 months.  These three stages will give you great variety in your portraits.  You are capturing the big changes, newborn, sitting and standing.  Instead of investing hundreds of dollars with a Puyallup baby photographer for several sessions and getting more of the same each time.

Birthday session are lots of fun.  I was so glad that Luke’s mom chose to make the drive up from her new home in Portland to come see me for Luke’s baby photography portraits.  It was so much fun to see him again.  I was super surprised at his head full of curly locks!  He was adorable.  And very active!  Definitely a very busy little boy!  His favorite set was the blocks.  Those were lots of fun to throw!  I could hardly get a picture taken before blocks were flying in my direction.  Luckily he isn’t an ace pitcher yet.   The fun was pumped up a notch when we brought out the cake.  Luke was all about the mess and not interested in the slightest in eating the delicious cake.  He demolished the whole cake down to crumbs without even putting one bite of cake in his mouth.  There was cake EVERYWHERE.  I have never seen such a mess.  He gets the award for being the best cake smasher at my studio yet.

I am super excited to share all of these images with his mom and dad!

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Puyallup Baby Photographer

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