Puyallup Maternity Photographer – A Woman’s Work

I love being a maternity photographer.  It brings me so much joy to be with women in this most important phase of life.  Pregnancy is such a miracle.  I had a dear friend who put it perfectly.  When asked what she had done all day by her husband who had just returned home from work, she replied, “I’ve been making a person”.  Roxanne your beautiful body is making a person.  That is one of those thoughts that makes my head hurt it is so profound and eternal.  A woman’s body, without any conscious direction from her can create a perfect little person.  I know Roxanne’s due date has come and gone.  And I am sure she and her family are anxiously awaiting the arrival of that perfect baby.  Here is something to hold you over until that quintessential moment in time when you are holding your child with soft dewy skin, kissing the tenderest of lips and listening to the most perfect sound you have ever heard.  The coos of your own child.

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