Puyallup Newborn Photographer ~ Amelia

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Puyallup Newborn Photographer

I just loved meeting this family.  Two big brothers and now a brand new little sister to round out this happy family.  Working with siblings can be a major challenge at times.  There are many photographers who discourage sibling portraits by charging extra for them.  But I know that what moms really want most is a good picture off all of their beautiful children.  I am in the business of giving moms what they want most.  A happy mom is a happy client and all of my clients deserve to leave their sessions happy!  Working with Amelia’s brothers was such a pleasure.  I think I even impressed her oldest brother enough to have a little mister crushing on me a bit.  Beautiful portraits of this perfect baby girl just weren’t enough.  I had to make sure during her session that I was able to create a beautiful image of her with her brothers.  Sometimes when older sibling are a little squirmy it is easier to create a composite portrait where two or more images are used to create one.  It is a whole lot easy to photography brothers when they aren’t actually anywhere near the baby.  Safety first!  I love that having professional tools at my disposal allow me to create that classic image I know moms are looking for!  Like this one!


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