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Puyallup Newborn Photographer

When you are the baby of a family you are truly blessed.  Of all the places to be in a birth order line up in a family the baby is the place to be.  The coveted position.  It is the easiest job, comes with the most perks and is just all around the very best.  If you are the baby in your family you may try to disagree, but ask every other sibling and they will all agree that you have the very best spot in the line up.  I had the privileged of being Ivy’s Puyallup newborn photographer.  She is the baby in her family.  She is very blessed.  So just what are all the perks of being the baby?

First of all she will never be displaced.  No brand new baby is coming to steal her throne.  She will always be forever and for always the baby.  While it is true that she might get babied a little bit into adulthood, that is not so bad.  Youngest children retain their youth more than other children in their families, appearing youthful throughout their adult lives.  Attention you ask?  Oh their will be lots of attention for this princess.  In fact of all of her siblings she will be able to rack up the “attention” score.  Youngest children are spoiled, indulged and pampered.  Those are not bad things if done right.  “Having experienced good things from others, youngest children may grow up expecting good things from life and therefore tend to be optimists rather than negative-thinking people.”  Youngest children often learn how to use charm and humor to get attention.  This makes them very pleasant to be around.  The babies in the family tend to be sociable, easy-going and friendly.  Who wouldn’t want that?  If you want to know more about birth order there is a lot of great info on the web.  Very interesting reading!

When Ivy’s mom asked me to be her Puyallup newborn photographer I was so excited.  I love big families.  I love the calm and joy that parents with several children have when they welcome another to their family.  It was such a happy session.

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