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Puyallup Newborn Photographer

What a beautiful name for a beautiful baby girl.  I think I love it because it sounds so Irish to me.  And I think everyone knows how much I LOVE Ireland.  I love unusual names as long as they fit a few criteria.  They must be pronounceable to the general public.  This little lady scores easily there as her name is very phonetic.  I personally don’t care for names that are gender ambiguous.  And you couldn’t get a more feminine, lovely sounding name than Fienna.  And it has to be pleasing to say.  And this sweet name just rolls right off my tongue.  Not that it matters at all what I think anyway.  But I keep a little mental list of names of love from the babies that I meet in case one day my children seek my two cents when naming my grand babies.  Fienna is on the list!

As this families Puyallup newborn photographer I styled their daughter’s session with greys and purples as requested.  I haven’t gotten to use purple in a long time, so that was a special privilege.  (I get tired of pink)  Fienna’s mom was super excited about trying for the hanging shot that I do.  And since we were doing purple that meant I got to use my very favorite branch.  Wisteria for the win.  She looks so lovely hanging off of such a beautiful branch.  I hope mom prints that image big to hang above her baby girl’s crib.  Such a pretty shot.

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