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Renton newborn photographer

I love when I have an older sibling come to newborn sessions.  Rylen’s family hired me to be their Renton newborn photographer and it was a pleasure to meet them and to work with their little son to create beautiful baby portraits.  But the best part of the sessions was working with this wonderful young man.  He was such a great listener and so cooperative.  He did everything I asked him to do and he did it perfectly.  It was easy to create beautiful pictures of him with his brand new baby brother because he was plain to see that he loved him.  He probably loved him from the first moment he saw him.  He was so gentle.  I work with a lot of 2 year olds.  And that is a totally different story, lol.  While I pride myself in being able to do a bang up job with young siblings it is such a pleasure to work with a pro.

I am super excited to share Rylen’s newborn session images with his mommy.  When I am hired to be a Renton newborn photographer, what that really means is that someone is hiring me so that they can remember forever.  Our memories are not the things we want them to be.  And things fade and get forgotten.  But when there is a portrait to transport you back to blissful moments, that is all you need.  They are little mini time machines to happiness.  I love that I get to offer families a way back.

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