Room Enough In Your Heart {Newborn Photographer Seattle Tacoma Puyallup}

Looking at this family as they came into the studio for their newborn session I could sense right off that there was a great love connecting everyone.  I watched both Mom and Dad gently and tenderly care for Kekoa’s older sister.  I could see that she was the pride and joy of these sweet parents.  It was so fun to watch Dad animate big sisters favorite stuffed animal “Abigail” as he played with her.  His bunny voice was so cute.  Their love for their daughter was so obvious I wondered if Mom, like so many moms expecting baby number two, ever wondered if there would be room enough in her heart for two.

Only Moms that have had a second child will understand.  You run your hand along your belly swelling with the growth of a new child and think, “Is it possible to love this one as much, is there room in my heart”?  Up until now child number one has been your whole world, the sum of your existence.  You have spent years together.  You and she have grown together, you have your little traditions a whole repertoire of daily things that you do to confirm your love for each other.  As you look at your first, your whole world, you wonder is there room enough?

It is nothing short of a miracle that with each and every addition to a family, a mother and father, can open their arms and their hearts and find an equal share of love.  That moment when a new mother awaits her second and wonders if she can love her new child with as much passion and tenderness is quickly erased the moment her new child cried for the first time and finds comfort in her arms.  Their are no more thoughts about finding room in your heart.  With that final push of labor your heart expands and you know without reservation that your newest child will be just as loved, just as treasured and just at home in your heart.


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