Sam l Newborn Photography {Puyallup, Tacoma, Seattle}

Baby with SisterWhen a newborn becomes part of a family somebody usually has to grow up.  Mothers all over the world worry about how the current baby of the family is going to handle the new baby that will be coming home from the hospital any day now.  Will they resent the new little fellow, will she be jealous, will she withdraw?  Maybe she will thrive with her new role, help mommy with the newborn’s pacifier or fetch diapers.  But there is never any telling.  Every child is a unique individual and there is never any way to know how the new addition will be received.  All of us Moms hope for moments like this.  Sweet tender cuddles between the the new baby and the one that just grew up in the blink of an eye.  You came home from the hospital and your baby that was so small and needy is now all grown up.  You marvel when you pick her up after holding your newborn in the hospital for two days.  What a difference there is in just a few years.  You look at her tiny chubby hands and all of the sudden they are so big.  All of our children grow.  But they will always be our babies.  And in our hearts we will always remember the first time we brought them home, the feel of their hands in ours and sweet moments like this one…when no matter how stubborn they might be about sitting still, eating their meals or in Lilly’s case smiling for the photographer they are our whole world.

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