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Seattle Newborn Photographer

Baby Everett is a lucky little man.  Lucky that he has an awesome Auntie who talked his mommy into having his newborn portraits taken.  Actually, I don’t know who will be happier he has beautiful newborn portraits in the long run, him, or his mom.  It will probably be his mom.  I think mom’s always appreciate treasures of their children’s childhood more than their children.  I say that as I think of all the hording I have done over the past 18 years because of my own four children.  So Aunt Tracie, here is to you for being super awesome!

Everett was a super stud model at his newborn session.  I have so many favorites that it was very difficult to choose which images to sneak peek!  Usually my favorites are always prop shots.  But Everett’s session is different.  I think his portraits with his mommy and daddy may be the winners.  I just love how much love they have in their faces.  They are definitely ready to be parents I think.  So much love in those pictures!  Everett is once again a very lucky little muffin.  His parents will have so much fun if they decide to use his portraits to put together a beautiful wall display of their favorites.  He will have the best looking nursery in town.  All because of his cute little face.  I hope his parents will also consider creating a keepsake album of his session images.  Because his images are just that perfect.  It is a good gig.  I love being a Seattle newborn photographer!

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