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Sometimes distance between family can seem crushing.  You are here, they are there and there is so very far away.  A little over 5,000 miles kind of far away.  And when you are going though brand new, life changing, super amazing experiences like having your first baby those miles can feel crushing.  That’s when your baby photographer can come to the rescue.  Nothing beats having the people that you love right there with you in the here and now, but a beautiful picture sure can make the bitter pill of distance easier to swallow.  In this case a beautiful boy has joined a family and Grandparents are waiting in Poland to see their little Mikolaj.  Cell phone pictures just won’t do.  If a beloved Grandpa is going to have a picture up on his wall it had better be a really good one.  Professional baby portraits are just the thing to tide over eager grandparents until a visit becomes reality.

I loved hearing about both sides of the family from this Polish / Canadian couple.  They have traveled the world together and shared those adventures with their parents.  Now they have done something even more amazing and news worthy.  They have created the most perfect little person.  Their great adventure has just begun and all along the way pictures are going to be the documents that record their journey.  As a Seattle baby photographer I work hard to create perfect baby pictures because I know that moment when you look at a photograph, close your eyes, and feel your heart swell are priceless.  Some moments in life you want to relive over and over again.  Become a mother is one of those.  Pictures are not just pieces of paper.

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Seattle Baby Photographer


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