Seattle Newborn Photographer ~ Aleyna

Christmas baby picture

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Seattle Newborn Photographer

If you are looking for a Seattle newborn photographer, I hope your search stops here.  May these beautiful images of perfectly sweet Aleyna convince you that hiring a professional baby photographer to capture the perfection and innocence of your new baby is the best gift you can give yourself.  I love it when mom’s make that choice.  Portraits with the right photographer is something you will never regret.  Aleyna’s mom showed me the picture that they had taken in the hospital by the photographer that came to their room and spent a minute or two with their brand new daughter.  It looked like a mug shot.  Her mom looked up from her phone at me and said, she is such a beautiful baby, why would they give me a picture of her making a grumpy face.  Fortunately she already had a session with me scheduled.  I hope it brought her peace of mind to know that soon she would have the images that she wanted.  Baby’s just need time and tender loving care and they will reward you with stunning newborn portraits to remember them by forever.  I am so excited to be finishing up Aleyna’s newborn session.  Her parents will get her images right in time for some last minute gift giving.  Merry Christmas.

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