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Seattle Newborn Photographer

Babies are such a blessing!  They are a fresh start.  The promise that our world can and will be a better place.  They are the hope of happiness, friendship and love.  When I meet a family that has hired me to be their  Seattle newborn photographer I am lucky enough to know I am privilege to be a part of documenting my future.  As I held this perfect angel I knew I was holding in my hands the hope for a bright future, the dream of peace and the promise of happiness.  When you cradle a baby you know that the world will go on.  My job as a memory keeper is to help parents bottle up all of those wonderful feelings and to preserve them in a photograph.  What you are feeling now are the happiest of times.  There isn’t anything better.  The arrival of a happy, healthy baby is the very best gift that nature offers to us.  When you hire a Seattle newborn photographer all of that happiness is your forever.  Just a glimpse at a perfect portrait of your days old baby will bring you right back to that happy place each and every time.  I create time machines.


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