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Seattle Newborn Photographer

When you are the most perfectly beautiful baby girl it is super important that you have the perfect name.  And sometimes that is just hard!  There are so many beautiful names to choose from.  Naming a baby can feel like such a heavy burden.  It’s the first choice we make for our kids that is well…pretty permanent.  We make our lists.  We practice using the name on the baby bump that we carry around for nine months.  We poll our friends.  Then we take it to the next step.  It might be the first thing we are researching since the last report or paper we wrote in college.  This is serious business!  What does the name mean?  How common is?  What spelling options are there?  Can big brother pronounce it?  And then it has to pass the final test.  Do we know anyone with the name that has 100% destroyed it for us.  Sigh…back to square one.  I know that baby girl’s parents have some great names on their short list.  So it is only a matter of time until this princess has the perfect name.  What are some of your favorite girl names?  Let me know in the comments below.

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