Seattle Newborn Photographer ~ Milo

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Seattle Newborn Photographer

Nine months preparing to fall in love for a lifetime…

It’s so true.  If you were to make a hierarchy of animals it is what puts humans at the top.  Or ability to connect, to care, to foster relationships, to love, to care, and to give is what makes us the rulers over the Earth.  A woman’s nature is divine.  We don’t just spend 9 months growing a little human just to feed it for a few years, teach it the ropes and then abandon it to the forces of nature.  Our babies are our babies for life.  Even when they head out into the world on their own they are still ours.  The desire to stay a part of their lives, to stay connected to stay involved is overwhelming.  Today Milo’s mom physically holds him close but she will figuratively hold him close for the rest of his and her life.  Unconditional love at it’s truest and rawest form is found in the ties of motherhood.  It is the most beautiful thing.  Just as much a miracle as this little bundle of joy.

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