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Seattle Newborn Photographer

When you are a Seattle newborn photographer you get to meet a lot of families.  This family is one of my favorites.  They always trust the vision that I have.  This is the second baby girls that I have taken portraits of of for this fabulous family.  And both experiences on my end were really wonderful, I hope they feel that way even more than I do!  So, what makes a family so awesome to work with?  Mostly it is as I said before.  Trust.  When a family trusts you to create beautiful portraits of their newborn it opens a creative window.  It is so much more fun to have a color to run with and go from there.  I am always so much more happy with sessions like that.  Another thing that makes a family a favorite to work with is their avoidance of pinterest.  When clients come to me with a laundry list of pinterst ideas I groan inside.  Not because I’m not cool with stepping outside of my comfort zone and personal style.  It is because there is a flow and natural progress between poses in a newborn photography session.  I have taken years to develop the skill of going from one pose to another.  When you introduce things that are not part of that flow, or that I don’t have practice doing, I guarantee your session won’t go as smoothly as it would have otherwise.  Mostly, the thing that makes a family super awesome to work with, is being relaxed.  Reese’s parents are at the studio to celebrate the arrival of a baby.  There expectations are that I will do my job, there is no stress or worry.  As their Seattle newborn photographer, I recommend a clothing change for mom and dad.  We had done so many beautiful delicate pictures in white, pinks and creams.  Their black t shirts just wouldn’t do.  Fortunately they had brought white shirts.  But I had this dress in my studio wardrobe that I knew would look brilliant on Reese’s mom.  I knew it would add the perfect touch of romance and girlishness if you will.  I am so over the moon happy with Reese’s newborn portraits!  I know her parents will be too.  Thanks for being awesome clients!

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