Seattle Newborn Photographer – Swoon

As a newborn photographer it is important that I be able to soothe babies into a peaceful slumber.  Sleepiness is a prerequisite to achieving the curled up poses I love to provide for all the families that come to see me.  Most the time though babies are still bright eyed and bushy tailed when they first arrive at the studio.  I like to take that opportunity and take a few portraits of them awake.  This is my favorite “awake” shot.  I love this portrait because to me it recreates that swoon worthy moment for mothers when their doctor / midwife hands them their swaddled brand new baby and with love and total adoration they finally meet eye to eye.  The look of those newborn’s eyes radiate one thing and one thing only.  Pure, absolute, true love.  Look into a brand new mother’s eyes and you will find that same sentiment echoed one thousand fold.  There is just something about those first swoon worthy, looking into her eyes moments, that make life beautiful.

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