Shelter and Protect {Newborn Photographer Seattle, Tacoma, Puyallup}

Often times the image that I choose for newborn photography sneak peaks is an image from the session that speaks to me in one way or another.  I look through all of the beautiful portraits and wait for one to touch me.  For Roman’s session it was this one.  I had expected to post a picture with his big strong Daddy, but in the end this image made me really think.

I love this pose because to me it symbolizes the womb.  It makes me think about how just a few short days before this portrait was taken little Roman was all curled up just like this in his mother’s warm cozy belly.  Isn’t it an amazing miracle that a woman can grow a baby?  When I think about how two tiny little cells grow and create something so complex and perfect I am utterly astounded.  To me it is life’s greatest miracle.  But another miracle that takes place as baby grows safe and sound is that change that works within a soon to be mother.  We go from being mostly selfish, it is true, even if we really love our spouse, friends and family we are still mostly concerned with looking out for ourselves.  To amazingly selfless.  This change is manifested first by our bodies.  The changes that take place there are our first selfless act.  Then once our babies are born there is more proof with sleepless nights.  But every once in a while the forces of the world are stacked against us mothers and we prove ourselves with the most beautiful acts of selflessness – they touch the hearts of everyone.

Our babies start off their lives being protected by our wombs.  And as they grow we continue to protect them.  We shelter them for harm.  Most of the time this is done we do it mentally by protecting our children from harmful places, people and substances.  But there are those time when our bodies preform a great work.  Mothers all over the world are prepared to give their hearts to their children and their lives if need be.

As I look at this beautiful picture of a tiny baby wrapped and protected I think about how his mother is now transformed into a remarkably selfless woman.  She will give her all to her son.  And if needs be, just as the mother from Japan, during the quakes and tsunamis, who covered her child with her body to save that precious life, this mother will do the same.  We don’t stop at the womb you see.  Once a mother, our love and sacrifice knows no bounds.  We will shelter and protect.

To see the story I referenced check here.

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Sarah - March 13, 2012 - 3:47 am

I absolutely LOVE that pose. What a cutie pie and a fabulous photographer!

Afsi - March 13, 2012 - 1:05 am

And again recently a mother did the same here in the USA in the tornado that flattened their house. But Both kids were untouched while their 36 year old mother lost both legs protecting her children.

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